Shipping Metrics Outside Slai

Add your WandB API key to Slai

You can add your WandB API key to the Slai Secrets Manager. If you don’t yet have a WandB account, you can signup for one here.

Secrets Manager

Import the API key in the sandbox

You can access stored secrets in your sandbox through the os.environ object. We’ll login to WandB with our API key:


Logging metrics during training

To log metrics directly to WandB, you can add the following code to your training script. The wandb.log() method will record whatever data you wish to pass in during your training process.

import wandb

wandb.login(key=os.environ['SLAI_WANDB']) # add your own API key

def train():
  for x in range(10):
    run = wandb.init(reinit=True)
    for y in range (100):
      wandb.log({"metric": x+y})