Connecting an Integration

Integrations live at the root level of Slai, which makes them accessible from any sandbox in your account. To create an integration, click the Integrations tab on the sidebar on your dashboard.

Integrate Sidebar

You’ll be presented with a list of existing integrations, if any exist. Click Add Integration to create a new one.

Add S3

You’ll be prompted to enter a name, bucket name, AWS region, access key, and secret access key.

AWS information

Click Create Connection, and you’ll see your new integration added to the Integrations list.

S3 Added

Using Bucket Contents

In the Data Section of the sandbox, click the + icon to create a new datasource. Select Import from Integration.

Upload AWS data

You’ll be prompted to select from a list of integrations connected to your account. Let’s select the bucket we just created.

Select Bucket

After selecting the integration, the data will be downloaded to the Data Section of the sandbox. You can use the data from your bucket like any ordinary folder or file.


To use the data in your model, click Copy Path and paste the path into the sandbox.

Copy path